Duct Leak Testing


Leaking ducts can reduce HVAC system efficiency by as much as 40%. Unless you inspect a duct system for leaks, you may never know how much efficiency (and money) is being lost. This simple, yet effective testing can save your customers a great deal of money, so it is of value to them – and you


• Meeting Standards – various agencies and organizations require instruments to meet standards in order for measurements to be considered valid for a particular facility. o Some standards and organizations include; EN122337, EN1507, Eurovent 2/2, SMACNA, and NEBB.
• Range – looking at the range of pressure management a particular system can measure – the larger the range, the larger area of ducts which can be measured at one time.
• Accuracy – determining the amount of leakage is only as good as the accuracy of the measurement, so be sure to check the specifications of an instrument to see the accuracy of the pressure measurement and the volume flow.
• Mobility – the ability to easily move a duct leakage testing system is important, as you will need to transport it around a facility. Take note of the weight and mobility of a system as you review it.

Adding the ability to quickly and effectively perform duct leakage testing to your inventory of services will provide additional value for your customers and revenue for you.