HVAC Testing and Balancing

The Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing (TAB) phase of any building construction or renovation is intended to verify that all HVAC air, water flows, and system pressures meet the design requirements established by engineers, architects, and international standards. We do not often find an HVAC system of any size that will perform to its full potential without the benefit of final adjustments.

HVAC Testing and Balancing Benefits:

• Reduce occupancy complaints.
• Reduce energy and demand costs.
• Improve indoor air quality.
• Increase tenants satisfaction.
• Reduce time spent on emergency calls.

Unbalanced HVAC system will have direct consequences on the operation of the system which may lead to the following:

• Unequal temperature distribution.
• Uneven air distribution and inappropriate air motion.
• Poor convection and sun radiation effects.
• Smudging problem becomes imminent.
• High sound level in areas neither supplying nor extracting high air volume.
• Uncontrolled humidity.
• Major impact on a building’s pressurization requirement.
• Poor indoor air quality.
• Physiological effects on human body.

When is the proper time to balance HVAC system ?

You may need to consider having your system balanced when one or more of the following problems exist:

• The space configuration has changed.
• Constantly readjusting control settings.
• Indoor air quality is a concern.
• Hot and cold spots exist.
• The building is drafty or stuffy.
• Doors stay open or slam-closed.
• Odors are present inside the building.