HVAC Testing & Commissioning

Staircase Pressurization Inspection and Testing

In a high-rise building, the stairs typically represent the sole means of egress during a fire. It is imperative for the exit stairs to be free of smoke and to incorporate design features that improve the speed of occupant egress. Most building codes require the fire staircase in a high-rise building to be pressurized to keep smoke out.

The staircase pressurization serves several purposes:

• Inhibit migration of smoke to stairwells, areas of refuge, elevator shafts, or similar areas.
• Maintain a tenable environment in areas of refuge and means of egress during the time required for evacuation.
• Facilitate the fire and rescue operation by improving visibility in the building for the firefighting crew.
• Protect life and reduce damage to property.

We conduct staircase pressurization testing according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) approved standards and codes by Qatar Civil Defense Department (QCDD).

Smoke Visibility Test:

ATBS evaluates Smoke Extract Fans performance and its ability to meet design parameters, and compliance with Qatar Civil Defense Department (QCDD) regulations.